How to Reach Aalborg

MOVEP 2022 will be held in Aalborg, the fourth largest city in Denmark. For more information, visit and

By Plane

Aalborg has a conveniently placed airport (AAL) providing direct flights to Copenhagen and Amsterdam airports. There are direct bus and train-lines to the center of the city.

Several low-cost airlines fly to Billund and Aarhus aiports reachable by train and bus in approx 3 hours.

By Car

While Aalborg can be reached by car, the distance to the German border (Flensburg) is 300km (approx.) with most routes likely to pass through Hamburg (approx. 450 km from Aalborg).

By Train

Aalborg can be reached by train but as by car, this mean of transportation will go through Hamburg - from where the travel-time is approx 7 hours.

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Where to Stay

We have collected some information on hotels in Aalborg under Accomodation.

How to get around

Notice that the venue is conveniently placed near the harbourfront, which is reachable by foot within 15 minutes of walking from most hotels in the city.

However, if you wish to explore, then Aalborg has an extensive bus network that, among others, connects the city center to the university. For up-to-date timetable information, the “Rejseplanen” (Journeyplanner) has proven to be very useful. This app is available for both Android and iPhone as well as a webpage

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver, however you will need local currency (Danish Crowns) or through online services. A ticket from the airport to the city costs 24 Crowns (3.23 €). For tickets in Northern Jutland (of which Aalborg is part) tickets can be purchased via apps for Android, iPhone or web. The minimum price for a ride is 3.23 Euro and changes depending on a “zone-system”. Notice that the distance traveled must be paid up front. Although the bus drivers can give out change, exact change is often appreciated and using notes is discouraged.

The busstop “Nytorv” is situated directly in the center of the city (View on map) and likely in walking distance of your hotel.

If you want to travel out of the North Jutland region you are likely to need the national railway service DSB. Tickets can be bought at stations or through their website. The main station in Aalborg is located in walking distance from the center (View on map).

You can find more information on the location of the conference under venue.

What to do

Venue of the dinner is restaurant Prinses Juliana, an old dutch school ship, conveniently placed in the harbour of Aalborg in walking distance from the venue (view on map).

For drinks, we recommend visiting the the infamous “Jomfru Ane Gade” which is densely dotted by bars and pubs serving all kinds of drinks (View on map).

For food, a visit to one of the following areas

Furthermore, if the weather permits it, visiting “Salling rooftop” will give you a panorama view of the city (View on map).

If you are staying longer, you can find a list of local sights here.


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